Past Presidents

Past Presidents

1831David Smart
1839David Smart
1848Wm. Peters
1850Hon. Zacheus Burnham
1852Samuel Scamans
1853N. Choate, Esq.
1854 & 58John Foott
1860 & 61Wm. Hooey
1875Lewis Ross
1876Thos. Harrison, Esq.
1877Wm. Mackie
1878R. Howden
1881R. Howden
1882Johnson Beatty
1884John Carnegie
1885Major Howden
1886M.C. Rosevear
1887James Curtis
1888E.A. Powers
1889S. Paterson
1900-02J.W. Martyn
1904-05John Davison
1906-07B. Cumberland
1910S.R. Caldwell
1911Fred S. White
1912-13Wm. Davison
1914-15A.E. Meadows
1916W.H. Symons
1917W.J. Crowhurst
1918-20F.H. Brown
1921A.J. Runnalls
1922Geo. Hancock
1923Fred Ough
1924-28E.A. Rosevear
1929-30R. Geo. Holdsworth
1931-34G.N. Greenaway
1935-37W.E. Lewis
1938-40J.H. Wilson
1941-49Wm. T. Lightle
1950-52Elmore Scott
1953-54Wm. F. Moore
1955-58F. Bamsey
1959-60D. Budd
1961-63Gordon Macklin
1964-65John Ferguson
1966-67Morley Philp
1968-69Gordon Wright
1970-71Mel Talbot
1972-73Henry Veen
1974-75Susan D. Thomas
1976-77Brian Hall
1978-79Helen Hunt
1980-81Robert Blezard
1982-83Lois Anderson
1984-85Bruce Buttar
1986-87Marilyn McHolm
1988-89Douglas B. Wright
1990-91Elaine Lake
1992-93Cameron Davidson
1994-95Jim Hamilton
1996-97Ian Wright
1998-99Cathie Paine
2000-01Pat Nicol
2002-03John Goheen
2004-05Connie Martinell
2006-07Joan Tooke
2008-09John Goheen
2010-11Connie Martinell
2012-13Cameron Davidson
2014-15Janelle (Kellogg) Gladding
2016-17Connie Martinell
2018-19Emily Field
2020-21Mike Stacey

Port Hope
Agricultural Park

Come and explore the Agricultural Fair, browse the exhibits and displays, take in the demonstrations, competitions, petting farm, midway, shows, and entertainment and enjoy a relaxing, educational and entertaining day!

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