A Fair Ambassador is a representative of the Port Hope Fair and is between the ages of 17 and 24. He or she will have the opportunity to attend a variety of events and gatherings to learn and inform others about this community and agriculture.  If you’ve applied in the past but have NOT been chosen, please keep applying.

The Fair Ambassador will also represent the Port Hope Fair at special events including the Canadian National Exhibition Ambassador of the Fairs competition, the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Convention and District meeting, and other local Fairs.

Benefits of being a Fall Fair Ambassador include:

  • community service hours to fulfill the requirements for High School diploma
  • a recommendation from the Board of Directors, which can be used when applying for employment or post-secondary education
  • a bursary
  • opportunities to learn more about agriculture and the local community and
  • many chances to meet new people, enjoy new experiences, develop your skills, and have fun!

Please direct all questions to

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Reflections from the 2017 Fair Ambassador

I would first like to thank the Port Hope Fair Ambassador committee for the honour and opportunity of being the Port Hope Fair Ambassador this past year. Specifically, Candy Sellers for putting up with my busy schedule and also Meghan Taylor for accompanying me to the OAAS Convention.

The Port Hope Fair has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I would enter my pets in the pet show, watch the derby with my family, go to the horse pull with my dad as well as volunteer at the horse show with my mom.  The Ambassador program has allowed me to connect with the town that I have called my home my whole life. Port Hope is a beautiful place to grow up and I think a lot of us do not really appreciate it until we leave and then come back.

My time as the Port Hope Fair Ambassador has taught me about the importance of commitment, leadership, organization and most importantly, persistence.  Though disappointed I could not fully experience the entire OAAS Convention due to exam conflicts, it was an amazing opportunity and I encourage our next Ambassador to participated in all the convention has to offer.

While representing the Port Hope Agricultural Society at the Canadian National Exhibition, I am very excited to reconnect with the other Fair Ambassadors I met at the convention and participate in the various activities and workshops.

Patricia Ingram

Port Hope Fair Ambassador 2017-2018