A Fair Ambassador is a representative of the Port Hope Fair and is between the ages of 17 and 24. He or she will have the opportunity to attend a variety of events and gatherings to learn and inform others about this community and agriculture.  If you’ve applied in the past but have NOT been chosen, please keep applying.

The Fair Ambassador will also represent the Port Hope Fair at special events including the Canadian National Exhibition Ambassador of the Fairs competition, the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Convention and District meeting, and other local Fairs.

Benefits of being a Fall Fair Ambassador include:

  • community service hours to fulfill the requirements for High School diploma
  • a recommendation from the Board of Directors, which can be used when applying for employment or post-secondary education
  • a bursary
  • opportunities to learn more about agriculture and the local community and
  • many chances to meet new people, enjoy new experiences, develop your skills, and have fun!

Please direct all questions to

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Reflections from the 2018 Fair Ambassador

I am so thankful to the Port Hope Fair Ambassador Committee for the opportunity of being this year’s ambassador.  I always thought I knew all about Port Hope, but through this program I found even more things to love about my hometown.

I have never missed a year of the Port Hope Fair in my life.  Between the rides, food, crafts and animals the Fall Fair has always meant good memories for me.  When I found out about the Ambassador program a few years ago, I knew it would be something I wanted to do.  I love to be involved in my community whether I am busking with my harp downtown, selling my handmade clothes at the farmers market or giving local history tours.  My favourite part of all these activities is interacting with members of my community.  Just as I hoped, the ambassador program has introduced me to many wonderful citizens of Port Hope.

At the Port Hope Fair Banquet, I was so impressed to see the experts of baking, quilting and farming all come together and receive their much deserved awards.  After yet another successful fair, I was honoured to sit and chat with the board of directors who made it happen.  However, my favourite event was the OAAS convention.  There I was provided with inspiring workshops on how to improve your own small town and local fair.  I also learnt all about the importance of agriculture in society.  I left the convention with a newfound appreciation for farmers everywhere.

This year so far has been one big learning opportunity.  I have developed so many useful public speaking and social skills.  Overall I have gained a deeper appreciation for the Port Hope Fair and what it does for local farmers, crafters and families.


Juliette Sinnott

Port Hope Fair Ambassador 2018/2019