What's New at the 2013 Fair...?

Brought to you by the letter B categories in many of the competitions! These are examples.

  • Art - 1a), 2a), 3a), 4a), 5a)
  • Baking - #31 Bara Brith Cake
  • Bottled Goods (Canning & Preserves) - #64 Banana Pepper Salsa
  • Juniors - #86 B is for Barns 3D display, #88 Bewdley Lions Special; sculpture

Entertainers on the Main Stage

  • The Puppet Tamer
  • Western Avenue band
  • Davis & Grant, bluegrass
  • Backroads
  • Kim Doolittle and the Doctors


Kane Sibley, Chainsaw carver

B is for Barns theme exhibit in the Fall Fair Centre

Hoof Beat Outriders Sunday in the South Field

Bee Keeping Display in the Fall Fair Centre

Horse Drawn Wagon Rides Saturday at the Main Gate

Back for Year Two

Classic Wrestling on Friday evening


  • Cindy Thompson

Mane Attraction Petting Zoo and Pony Rides

Did you know....

that the Port Hope Fair started in 1831?

The first Fair in Port Hope was actually held on June 5th 1822 (reference Upper Canada Gazette - June 20, 1822)

The Port Hope Fair is the oldest fair in Central Ontario?

That the Port Hope Fair is the fourth oldest fair in Ontario

  • #1 Williamstown 1812-201 years
  • #2 Kingston and Delta 1830-183 years
  • #4 Port Hope and Napanee 1831-182 years

New Directors:  Kevin Andrade, Sharon Lowery, Candyce Sellers, Judi Waymark            Welcome!